2018 NCWIT Summit on Women and IT

Where Conversations Lead to Change

The NCWIT Summit is the world’s largest annual convening of change leaders focused on significantly improving diversity and inclusion in computing. Educators, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and social scientists (both men and women) from across industries and disciplines participate in this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

NCWIT is the trusted source for research-based strategies that facilitate reform in computing classes and technical organizations; the Summit sets the stage for NCWIT member representatives, notable field experts, and renowned guests to present and learn about leading-edge practices, to network and form partnerships, and to provide encouragement and inspiration for one another.

“I always learn from both presenters and other attendees -- either a new perspective on something I'm struggling with or a new idea about how to tackle different challenges. [NCWIT challenges] me to think differently and act differently... It's also a very engaging conference; we don't just sit back and listen, we work.” ~ NCWIT Summit Attendee

NCWIT Summit Attendee


John Fink

John Fink

John Fink ​is a research associate at the Community College Research...

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Rachel Kutz

Rachel Kutz

Rachel is the VP-Strategic Initiatives-Global Supply Chain. She is responsible...

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Misty II

Misty II

A Boulder native, Misty is an experienced (computer) visionary. She...

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2018 NCWIT Summit Program

Download the printed program, containing detailed information about 2018 Community Award recipients and more.

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2018 NCWIT Summit Sponsors

We would like to give a huge thanks to our 2018 NCWIT Summit Media Partner Facebook for production and making the livestream possible (www.ncwit.org/livestream).
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We are also incredibly grateful for 2018 NCWIT Summit Sponsors Anchor Point Foundation, Autodesk, Johnson & Johnson, Palo Alto Networks, and PNC.
Summit 2018 Sponsors

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