Inclusion changes what's possible.

Get involved today.

Change leaders benefit from engaging with others who are equally committed to the mission of increasing the influential and meaningful participation of girls and women in computing. Listen. Educate. Support. Mobilize.

Anyone can be a change leader. From volunteering to sponsorship, discover a range of opportunities to work toward systemic reform that fosters inclusivity for all. Together, we can help to create a diverse tech workforce—one where ideas are emboldened and possibilities thrive.

Opportunities for Individuals

Photo of Award Winner With EducatorsVolunteer virtually as an Award Application Reviewer. 
    • Contact for ways to recognize and celebrate women’s technical aspirations and abilities, as well as the educators who support them.
    • Contact the NCWIT Academic Alliance Awards Manager at for ways to honor faculty members for their mentorship, institutions for their development of promising recruitment and retainment initiatives, and more.
    • Contact for ways to reward higher ed departments that show significant positive outcomes in women’s enrollment and graduation rates, and have excellent potential for building on these gains.
Participate in annual celebrations that raise awareness about the critical need for and benefits of diverse populations contributing to technological innovation. Be a guest speaker.
  • Contact to participate in professional development workshops.

Opportunities for Organizations

Looking to do more on behalf of your organization? Email for how to offer financial sponsorships, host various types of events, and more.

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