Karen Ashcraft

Karen Ashcraft
University of Colorado Boulder
Professor of Organizational Communication

Karen Lee Ashcraft is a Professor of Organizational Communication at the University of Colorado Boulder, as well as the Director of its Communication & Society Residential Program, a living-learning community for early college students broadly interested in communication, media, journalism, and related themes. Her research examines organizational and occupational formations, such as identity, culture, and mode of governance, and is guided by an interest in relations of power and difference, particularly gender, race, sexuality, and class. Karen’s past research explored alternative forms of organizing, especially an innovative hybrid known as feminist bureaucracy. Her recent research follows the historical evolution and contemporary organization of professional identity in technical occupations, such as commercial aviation, among others. Karen has published some 50 articles and chapters on these and related themes in journals and anthologies of communication and management as well as work and organization studies. Her research has been recognized with many awards, such as “Book of the Year” from the National Communication Association (for her book with Dennis Mumby, Reworking Gender) and “Best Article of the Year” (for the research on which this workshop is based) from the Academy of Management Review. Karen teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on gender and communication, matters of difference (e.g., race, gender, sexuality, nation, ability) in work and occupations, organizational communication, and qualitative research methods. She regularly delivers talks and seminars to diverse, academic, and practitioner audiences around the U.S. as well as internationally.

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