What is TeachEngineering?

TeachEngineering is a FREE library of classroom-tested, standards-aligned K-12 STEM resources created in collaboration with educators across the nation.

Our goal is to help educators put the ‘E’ in STEM by making applied science, technology, and math come alive through engineering design and design thinking.

TeachEngineering focuses on creating a more inclusive classroom and leveling the playing field across the socioeconomic spectrum by allowing ALL students to tap into their unique backgrounds and experiences in a meaningful way that informs design decisions.

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities:

Integrating Engineering Design into Your PK-12 STEM Curriculum August 5-6th 8am-4pm MT

Participants will explore the engineering design process, engineering applications of real-world science and technology challenges, global interconnectedness of engineering, and various engineering careers. Participants will learn how to integrate engineering design into PK-12 STEM curriculum while creating hands-on engineering design activities that support both in-person and remote student teams. Participants will be introduced to the three-dimensional elements of the NGSS and will learn how these elements support both phenomena-based learning and engineering design thinking. Engineering Prototyping and

Pedagogy Skills and Tools for K-12 August 7-8th 8am-4pm MT

Participants will be actively engaged in resources for understanding and integrating engineering design prototyping technologies into science and math classrooms, providing teachers with concrete support through tools and strategies they can implement in their classrooms. Each participant selects from a series of workshop sessions and choose a “focus area” project, allowing them to delve deeper into prototyping, mechanical, electrical or software projects and the technologies associated with each (laser cutters, 3D printers, circuit boards, soldering and software platforms) and that are appropriate for use in the range of P-12 classrooms—cementing the types of skills useful to students for STEM futures.

Visit https://www.teachengineering.org/pdworkshops to learn more.

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