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Supporting students’ computing education is a team effort: faculty, staff, and administration are all responsible for creating inclusive processes and environments. NCWIT offers ways to structure curriculum for student success, to understand and combat the effects of unconscious bias and stereotype threat, to examine recruitment and retention trends, to identify problem areas, measure progress, and more.

I want to:

  • Raise Awareness
  • Inspire Students
  • Engage Students
  • Recognize Students & Educators
  • Create Systemic Change
Learn about the current status of computing degrees earned by women, and raise awareness among colleagues and students to help increase women's meaningful participation. See Resources
See and hear from a wide range of technical role models. Foster connections with the local community. Motivate students by relating computing experiences to their current interests. See Resources
Faculty can consider three evidence-based principles for engaging and retaining all students: Make It Matter, Grow Inclusive Student Community, and Build Student Confidence and Professional Identity. See Resources
NCWIT offers awards for both computing students and faculty, recognizing students’ technical accomplishments and faculty’s inclusion efforts relative to their students. See Resources
Revise educational systems to fit people, rather than changing people to fit biased systems, with resources that help computing faculty reimagine recruitment, retention, and evaluation. See Resources

Higher Education Resources

Higher Education Programs

Extension Services

NCWIT Extension Services (ES) guides undergraduate and graduate computing departments in their efforts to strategically reimagine recruitment, retention, and evaluation....

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Sit With Me

Sit With Me (SWM) uses its iconic red chair to create in-person and virtual spaces where everyone can reflect on...

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Modern Figures Podcast

Modern Figures Podcast guest stars Black women in computing who share their stories and perspectives on technical, societal, and personal...

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Conversations for Change

Conversations for Change: an online thought leadership series brings together educators, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, social scientists, and others to fully...

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Academic Alliance

Organizations can join the Academic Alliance to benefit from an exclusive invitation to the annual NCWIT Summit, guidance in applying research-based strategies for creating inclusion, and more. Through the Academic Alliance, mobilize year round alongside faculty, staff, administrators, department heads, and other mentors nationwide working together to create lasting impact.

Individuals can also volunteer through NCWIT outreach and recognition programs. Recognize students for their computing aspirations, honor faculty for their outstanding mentorship, recruit at virtual career fairs and student-focused conferences, and more.

Academic Alliance Members

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