Higher Ed Programs

Recognize students’ computing aspirations, honor faculty for their outstanding mentorship, secure strategic buy-in for lasting change, and more.

Extension Services

NCWIT Extension Services (ES) guides undergraduate and graduate computing departments in their efforts to strategically reimagine recruitment, retention, and evaluation. Through customized resources, ES helps participants increase declared majors and graduation rates and secure strategic buy-in and participation from colleagues, leaders, advisors, and students themselves for lasting systemic change.

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Higher Ed Recognitions

NCWIT offers awards that honor faculty’s inclusion efforts relative to their students and departments’ significant positive outcomes in women’s enrollment and graduation rates.

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Meeting of the Minds

The Meeting of the Minds is a web-based discussion series, hosted by the NCWIT Higher Ed Alliance. By bringing together experienced practitioners and evidence based research, the series takes on today’s largest broadening participation challenges in computer science.

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