Tech Inclusion Journey

The Tech Inclusion Journey (TIJ)TM is a unique, scalable software platform that empowers change leaders in corporations and higher education institutions to implement systemic, sustainable approaches to the creation of inclusive cultures.

How the TIJ Works

The platform brings together a decade-plus of NCWIT research and experience of working with technology organizations and institutions of higher education, and it is the first of its kind to address typical pitfalls of traditional approaches to diversity and inclusion. These pitfalls include:

  1. an overreliance on “diversity training” and other mandatory or “compliance” based efforts
  2. implementation of “piecemeal” or “checkbox” diversity solutions
  3. lack of ownership by technical leaders in industry and academia

Instead, the TIJ employs a strategic, but NOT prescriptive, approach—guiding change leaders through a three-step “journey” that is owned by technical leaders in industry and academia, implemented at the team level.

TIJ is designed to avoid past DEI pitfalls, empowering hundreds of corporate organizations to implement systemic, sustainable approaches to creating inclusive computing cultures.
By providing research-based approaches in an easy-to-use scalable software platform that conveys not only what to do but how to do it, hundreds of organizations can deploy sustainable approaches that positively impact outcomes for thousands of technical women. TIJ arms stakeholders and leaders with practical strategies for dismantling organizational barriers impeding women’s advancement. They upend the longstanding tendency for technical leaders to abdicate responsibility to HR/D&I divisions and instead require that they take personal ownership and accountability for change. The TIJ is intended for use by a diverse team with members drawn from a variety of roles.
The platforms guide users through a step-by-step process for developing a strategic ecosystem action plan, complete with progress metrics.
The three basic elements (which utilize “journey” metaphors) of the TIJ are:
  • The Map – the research-backed change model that describes the eight key areas of culture that need to be addressed in order to achieve inclusion;
  • The GPS – the online assessment tools that helps leaders understand how their organizations are performing in each of the eight key areas of culture; and
  • The Route – the action planning step that helps leaders make prioritization decisions and plans for how they will enact change. Critical to the entire process are Team Consensus Building and Action Planning.

After learning about the TIJ process and the relevant systemic change model, team members complete the assessment section of the TIJ individually. Then the team holds “consensus sessions” to compare results, prioritize outcomes and create a strategic action plan.

The TIJ (beta software tested in 20 companies) has been designed to scale the successful, but labor-intensive one-to-one customized guidance that NCWIT has historically provided by creating a comprehensive, self-guided, online tool that change leader teams can use to assess strengths and needs within their departments and then identify appropriate, concrete actions that are adapted to their local contexts, conditions, and resources.

Participating organizations experience promising results:

  • the reduction of reports of bias in everyday organizational processes
  • increases in hiring, retention and advancement rates for women in technical roles
  • increases in reports of ability to recognize and intervene in biased interactions and systems

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