Survey-in-a-Box: Student Experience of the Major

Published on 05/19/2015

Use the Survey-in-a-Box: Student Experience of the Major (SEM) to identify strengths and areas for improving your department’s efforts to retain students. The Survey-in-a-Box contains a full survey, with specific modules that can be used together or independently; an instruction manual; guidelines for getting human research approval when needed; information on how to administer paper and online versions of the survey; suggestions for action based on survey results; and much more. For more information on the Extension Services program, visit

Ways to Use Survey-in-a-Box

  • Get the full PDF using the download button below.
  • Use the links below to download a .zip file for all Microsoft® Word templates from each section of Survey-in-a-Box that you can customize for your department, as well as the applicable section of the PDF.

.zip Files

  • Orientation and Dissemination Resources | .zip (370.5 KB)
    • Download this .zip folder to access resources that explain what the survey is, how to administer it, and how to build support for this project within your institution.
  • The Survey Instrument | .zip (1.15 MB)
    • Download this .zip folder to access the codebooks and customizable survey instruments for both the entire survey and individual survey modules.
  • Analysis and Reporting | .zip (2.23 MB)
    • Download this .zip folder to access a step-by-step guide detailing how to set up your data and analyze it in Microsoft® Excel.
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