NCWIT Scorecard: The Status of Women in Computing [2020 Update]

The NCWIT Scorecard shows trends in girls’ and women’s participation in computing in the U.S. over time, providing a benchmark for measuring progress and identifying areas for improvement.

NCWIT supplies these data and embedded charts for the computing community free of charge. Below, you can download individual Excel workbooks for each sector (K-12, post-secondary, workforce) or the entire .zip file. Feel free to use these data in reports, presentations, proposals, and other research with the appropriate citation.

Suggested citation: DuBow, W. & Gonzalez, J.J. (2020) NCWIT Scorecard: The Status of Women in Technology. Boulder, CO: NCWIT.

NCWIT also supplies an executive summary, available through the “Download” button below.

Please let us know how and when you use this information, so we can better report the impact of our services. And if you have questions, email us. Thank you!

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