Academic Alliance

Organizations can join the Academic Alliance to benefit from an exclusive invitation to the annual NCWIT Summit, guidance in applying research-based strategies for creating inclusion, and more. Through the Academic Alliance, mobilize year round alongside faculty, staff, administrators, department heads, and other mentors nationwide working together to create lasting impact.

Individuals can also volunteer through NCWIT outreach and recognition programs. Recognize students for their computing aspirations, honor faculty for their outstanding mentorship, recruit at virtual career fairs and student-focused conferences, and more. Learn about the NCWIT ADVANCE partnership project.

Learn more about Higher Ed Recognitions.


Academic Alliance Updates

NCWIT Academic Alliance (AA) Newsletter: Fall 2021
NCWIT Academic Alliance (AA) Newsletter: Spring 2021
NCWIT Academic Alliance (AA) Newsletter: Fall 2020
NCWIT Academic Alliance (AA) Newsletter: Fall 2019

Academic Alliance Leadership

Theresa Steinbach, Ph.D.
DePaul University

Helen Hu, Ph.D.
Westminster College

Melanie Williamson, M.S.
Bluegrass Community and Technical College

Gretchen Achenbach, Ph.D.

Matt Muchna, M.A.

Kim Kalahar, MBA

Sherri L. Sanders, Ph.D.

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