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The second issue of re:think, the thought-leadership magazine from NCWIT, is out now!

In this issue, researchers and tech professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives explore the topic of age in the tech industry. We look at age through various lenses—how we define ageism, how age impacts creativity (or doesn’t), how teams that are diverse across age are better equipped to create technical solutions, and how we can bring generations together to learn from one another.

Renowned special contributors include Jane Goodall, Janine Vanderburg, and Benjamin Jones, as well as members of the NCWIT community who candidly share their real-life experiences. Plus, learn what you can do to address age-related biases in your school, company, or organization.


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    Do you want to be part of the cutting edge of tech leadership, building a more inclusive and equitable future for all? Find insights and inspiration in the latest issue of re:think, the thought leadership magazine from @NCWIT. Go here to read more:

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    In the latest issue of re:think, the thought-leadership magazine from NCWIT, a diverse range of experts and innovators explore the topic of ageism in the tech industry from multiple perspectives. Learn about the parts each of us can play in addressing bias and making the world of computing more inclusive for all. Read this issue here:

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