NCWIT Alliances

Organizations can join an Alliance to benefit from an exclusive invitation to the annual NCWIT Summit, guidance in applying research-based strategies for creating inclusion, and more. Through an Alliance, mobilize year round alongside change leaders nationwide who are working together to create lasting impact.

Logo with in gradient from blue to yellow over K-12 Alliance in gray

K-12 Alliance

NCWIT brings together hundreds of organizations and educational associations working to increase girls’ representation in computing. This connected group raises clear solutions that change what’s possible and propel diversity and inclusion.

Logo with in gradient from blue to yellow over Higher Ed Alliance in gray

Higher Ed Alliance

Many women lose their way in a classroom culture that is unprepared to include them. The Higher Ed Alliance gathers representatives from more than hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide. Together, they shape solutions to change socio-educational systems that lower barriers for women in postsecondary computing.

Logo with in gradient from blue to yellow over Workforce Alliance in gray

Workforce Alliance

Be a force for voices of change. The NCWIT Workforce Alliance focuses on internal corporate cultures to create more inclusive environments, build stronger technical teams, and enhance technical innovation.

Logo with in gradient from blue to yellow over Affinity Alliance in gray

Affinity Alliance

Many organizations share NCWIT’s mission of advancing women in technology but aren’t directly involved in employing or educating them. Affinity Alliance members are united through new connections, resources, solutions, and support.

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