Cultures and practices have an indisputable influence on the workplaces people choose and their willingness to stay. A diverse, inclusive environment enables employees to innovate and do their best work while employers see new dimensions of creativity that positively impact their bottom lines. NCWIT offers research, data, and strategic approaches that can help companies of all sizes thrive.

I want to:

  • Recruit Employees
  • Retain Employees
  • Raise Awareness
  • Be an Inclusive Leader
  • Create Systemic Change
Avoid missing out on highly qualified candidates by mitigating implicit biases embedded into the “normal” operations of recruiting that appear to be “just the way it is.” See Resources
Understand why employees leave, what makes them stay, and how you can make changes for greater retention through implementing evidence-based practices. See Resources
Company culture plays a significant role in driving historically underrepresented groups away. Learn how to focus on changing organizational culture, rather than "the pipeline." See Resources
Learn about two essential elements to creating change in the tech workforce: establishing top leadership support and institutional accountability, and improving the managerial relationship. See Resources
To realize the benefits of diverse talent, companies need to employ a multi-pronged approach. Instituting piecemeal practices may be helpful in some cases but will not result in sustained, systemic change. See Resources

Workforce Resources

Workforce Programs

Sit With Me

Sit With Me (SWM) uses its iconic red chair to create in-person and virtual spaces where everyone can reflect on...

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Conversations for Change

Conversations for Change: an online thought leadership series brings together educators, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, social scientists, and others to fully...

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Workforce Alliance

Organizations can join the Workforce Alliance to benefit from an exclusive invitation to the annual NCWIT Summit, guidance in applying research-based strategies for creating inclusion, and more. Through the Workforce Alliance, mobilize year round alongside corporate seniors, executives, and team leaders nationwide working together to create lasting impact.

Individuals can also volunteer through NCWIT outreach and recognition programs. Recruit at virtual career fairs and student-focused conferences, host informative workshops or student meetups, serve as a guest speaker, and more.

Workforce Alliance Members

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