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Jacqueline Westhead Profile Photo

Jacqueline Westhead

Jacqueline is the National Center for Women & Information Technology’s Office and Logistics Coordinator. She comes from a background in operations, tour management, and the

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Matt Muchna

Matt Muchna

As the Membership Coordinator, Matt (he/him) is the key point of contact for NCWIT’s Academic Alliance and supports 2,600+ individual members and 650+ post-secondary institutions

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Kathy Zettl-Schaffer Photo

Kathy Zettl-Schaffer

Kathy holds a BS in biomedical engineering from Vanderbilt University and an MBA in information technology from American University.  Her professional career began in research

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Tim Weston Photo

Tim Weston, Ph.D.

Tim Weston is a Research Associate for the University of Colorado’s Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society (ATLAS) where he has worked on NSF, Department

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Stephanie Weber Photo

Stephanie Weber

Stephanie Weber is the NCWIT Director for Regional Initiatives where she brings together programs powered by NCWIT and NCWIT Alliance members focused on increasing the

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Lauren Von Roenn Photo

Lauren Von Roenn

Lauren Von Roenn is the National Center for Women & Information Technology’s Event Manager and Operations Specialist. She plans the annual Summit on Women and

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Lauren Tomkinson Photo

Lauren Tomkinson

As the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award Recognitions Program Coordinator, Lauren analyzes and creates processes necessary for program operation, with particular focus on capacity-growing, sustainable

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June Teisan Photo

June Teisan, Ph.D.

June Teisan is a National Board-certified teacher who brought science to life for K-12 students on Detroit’s northeast border for 27 years and now designs

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Maureen Stewart Photo

Maureen Stewart, Ed.D.

Dr. Maureen Stewart has been involved with C4C since its inception and she is committed to removing barriers for students pursuing careers in computer science

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Paula Stern Photo

Paula Stern

A former chairwoman of the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) and distinguished scholar, The Honorable Paula Stern founded The Stern Group in 1988 and leads

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