Susahnn Valente

Susahnn Valente Photo
NCWIT Consultant
Aspirations in Computing Recognitions Awards Coordinator

Susahnn Valente has spent over a decade in volunteer management, outreach, fundraising, program management, event coordination, and in the general operations of nonprofits. She is a “Jill-of-all Trades” and eager to jump in and help where needed. Her Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies taught her to make connections between seemingly different things, such as her minors in Music and Business. Susahnn is always looking for ways to grow and learn, even after earning her Masters in Nonprofit Management. She attends conventions, webinars, and enrolls in continuing education at local universities. Most recently, she enrolled in the Psychology of Sport and Exercise Science. She is the coach of a local jump rope team and in the summer is a Sports Director and Team Coach for an all-girl multi-sport program. Her passion lies in creating gender equity.

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