Step 2: Build Diverse Teams

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If you are a founder, your initial hires and the team you build will often be THE deciding factor in whether you succeed or fail as a company. Diverse teams are more likely to be successful, are more innovative, have higher collective intelligence, solve problems faster, and are more representative of the market; you can’t afford NOT to focus on this now.

And if you are an accelerator or incubator, offering your portfolio company’s founders and executive teams research-based content about how to build diverse teams from the start could be THE deciding factor in whether they (and subsequently you) are successful.


Resource ThumbnailLook at Your Interview and Selection Processes

"Supervising-in-a-Box: Employee Recruitment/Selection" provides supervisors with resources for recruiting and hiring the best talent. This "Box" resource includes background information, a training guide, tip sheets, resources for employee recruitment and selection, templates, evaluation tools, and a summary of key takeaways. // (


Resource ThumbnailHow To Hire The Best for Your Startup

This "Top 10" resource offers recommendations for attracting and hiring highly qualified, diverse technical employees into startup companies. The recommendations include attention to casting a wide inclusive net, reviewing stereotyped language and decor, and more cutting-edge approaches for appealing to women and other underrepresented groups. // (


Resource ThumbnailImprove Tech Job Ads and Promote

These tips provide 'before and after' examples of ads with balanced language and other guidelines for writing unbiased job descriptions. // (


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