Step 1: Create Inclusive Culture

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Whether you are thinking or dreaming about starting a company, identifying a possible product/service, starting to grow your company and team, or growing by leaps and bounds through customer acquisition -- building, nurturing, and sustaining a great culture matters!


Resource ThumbnailStart Collecting Your Data

Developing a diverse workforce must be treated like any other critical business issue. Use this guide to help you collect important data and develop a strategic plan for increasing the meaningful participation of diverse groups in your organization. // "Recruiting, Retaining, and Advancing a Diverse Technical Workforce: Data Collection and Strategic Planning Guidelines" (


Resource ThumbnailGet Conscious About Unconscious Bias

Learn about some of the hidden barriers that often prevent companies from hiring and retaining top talent. This video will take you through a series of interactive experiments that introduce the concept and explain why it matters. // "Unconscious Bias and Why It Matters For Women and Tech" (


Resource ThumbnailAudit Your Office Vibe

You might be surprised to know that physical environment counts for a lot when it comes to attracting (and deterring) technical women. Make sure you're communicating that your office welcomes all kinds of people, and that you intend for those people to work together harmoniously. // "How Does the Physical Environment Affect Women’s Entry and Persistence in Computing?" (


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