Carissa Lintao

A headshot of Carissa Lintao wearing a black jacket over a striped shirt, leaning against a building on a city street.
Consultant, TECHNOLOchicas

Carissa Lintao is a consultant at NCWIT with a primary focus on the TECHNOLOchicas program. Hailed “a trailblazer” by Forbes Media, Carissa is a dynamic entrepreneur and visionary leader known for bootstrapping Apptuitive, into a high-performing, industry-leading firm. Carissa’s commitment to fostering a culture of excellence led to the acquisition of key clients, inclusive of Fortune companies and cutting-edge startups.

In addition to her roles at NCWIT and Apptuitive, Carissa is a mentor at Techstars, one of the largest pre-seed investors in the world with over a $200B all-time accelerator portfolio market cap.

Carissa is a lifelong learner committed to personal and professional development. Her contributions extend beyond the business realm, as she’s shared her knowledge as a TEDx speaker, panelist, and guest lecturer on entrepreneurship, the future of work, morality, and humane design.

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