CS+ Medical Devices

Our first CS+ webinar dives into the realm of medical devices – like wearable diabetes management tools – to showcase how you can be part of the technological transformation in healthcare. Our moderator, NCWIT Project Manager Brittney Anderson-Martin will be joined by three panelists who will delve into ways computer science is driving advancements in medical technology to enhance health management, especially for people navigating living with a medical condition.

Meet the panel:

Adonna Anderson

Adonna Anderson is an Electrical Engineering Manager for Medtronic’s Diabetes Research and Development Sustaining department. Her team is responsible for addressing emergent issues impacting Medtronics diabetes devices currently in the field. She manages a team that must quickly respond to issues, find root cause and implement changes. Adonna has 2 patents prior to her work at Medtronic, Adonna worked as an electrical engineer across multiple industries, including at Northrop Grumman and Eaton Corporation. Adonna studied at California Polytechnic University – San Luis Obispo, receiving both a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Engineering Management. In her free time she loves traveling with her wife and daughter.

Anna Urias

Anna Urais is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Nevada-Reno, Vice President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and is currently pursuing a dual major in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.

Christi Fernandes

Christi Fernandes is a graduate student pursuing a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her passion for science and technology ignited her journey in the field of biomedical engineering, and she is now embarking on her first semester in this program. Christi’s academic journey began in India, where she completed her undergraduate studies in Biomedical Engineering and developed a profound interest in the field, particularly in the domain of medical imaging engineering. She aspires to contribute to the development of cost-effective medical imaging systems, which have the potential to enhance healthcare accessibility and affordability.

About the new CS+ webinar series

Computing + Passion = Careers of the Future

Join us for an inspiring web series that explores the exciting fusion of computer science and other areas of interest (CS+). Hear students, educators, researchers, and professionals talk about their work in areas such as art, music, medicine, and other fields and how computer science is embedded in what they do. Whether you’re a current student curious about future possibilities, a recent graduate seeking career inspiration, or an aspiring professional looking for guidance, these webinars are designed to empower you with knowledge, guidance, and a sense of belonging in these innovative fields.

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