International Women's Day-in-a-Box: Raising Awareness, Igniting Change

Published on 02/26/2008

International Women’s Day-in-a-Box: Raising Awareness, Igniting Change is designed to help IT companies and departments celebrate successes and address barriers to women’s full participation in IT, and capitalize on women’s innovative thinking and leadership potential. If your organization is eager to promote diversity in order to become globally competitive, then International Women’s Day-in-a-Box is for you. Use this resource to plan company activities and events, and to establish a culture and expectation for broader diversity of thought in IT.

  • Where is your organization looking for IT leadership and innovation?
  • Are women playing a key role in shaping your company’s future?
  • Is your company making the most of diversity?
  • Are you building on and benefiting from diverse perspectives?

Does your institution already promote women in IT on International Women’s Day? Use International Women’s Day-in-a-Box to complement your current efforts and give you tools to make them even more effective.

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