Bryndan D. Moore

A photo of Brendan Moore speaking in front of a purple and white backdrop.
The Black Futurist Podcast

Bryndan D. Moore, an African-American engineer, futurist, and multimedia producer, is a leading voice at the intersection of innovation and societal impact.

As the visionary behind The Black Futurist podcast, Bryndan delves into the realms of science, technology, business, art, and politics, engaging with luminaries to dissect the implications of their achievements on our collective future. His captivating discussions explore the evolving landscape of innovation and challenge listeners to envision tomorrow’s possibilities.

With a keen eye for community-centered initiatives, Bryndan’s portfolio spans from vibrant cafes in Brooklyn to groundbreaking educational television programs. He is a catalyst for meaningful dialogue, leveraging technology to foster connections and drive positive change.

A sought-after content creator and dynamic speaker, Bryndan collaborates with leading brands and moderates panels at prestigious technology conferences. His insights into emerging trends and his ability to inspire action make him a trusted voice in the innovation space.

A proud graduate of Howard University’s College of Engineering, Bryndan is deeply involved in shaping the future of his alma mater as a member of the executive board of the National Alumni Association.

Bryndan’s commitment to excellence has garnered acclaim, with his podcast “Official Ignorance: The Death in Custody Podcast” earning a coveted NAACP Image Award Nomination for Outstanding Podcast, Short Form / Limited Series. Additionally, his influence has been recognized by Ebony magazine, which honored him among the 150 most influential Black individuals in America.

Discover the future through Bryndan D. Moore’s insightful content and empowering speaking engagements, where innovation meets impact, and possibilities abound.

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