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NCWIT Will Bring Diversity to Quantum Computing

NCWIT at CSTA 2024

2024 NCWIT Virtual Career Fair

Future-Ready Pathways with TeachEngineering

NCWITC4C at EdCon24

Remembering Lynn Conway

Reminiscing on the 2024 NCWIT Summit

Welcome and Joanne McGrath Cohoon Memorial Plenary

Panel Discussion: Working Toward a More Inclusive Future for Tech

Liberatory Futures for Computing Literacy

Beyond Tech Skills: Supporting First-Gen Tech Professionals

Inspirational Closing Plenary with Billy Mills

2024 NCWIT Higher Ed Recognitions Award Recipients Announced

CS+ Gaming

re:think Issue 4

2024 NCWIT Pioneer In Tech: Fran Berman

DoD STEM Smart Scholarship 101

NCWIT digitally transforms the DEI journey to help uplift women in IT



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