Do You Know a Women-led Company Seeking Funding?

There are venture conferences, and then there’s it. As the seventh-annual conference dedicated to high-growth, women-led start-ups, you might think it is about a cause. But you’d be wrong.
it is about results:

Over $425 million raised
Funding success rate exceeding 60 percent
10 exits to date, including 2 IPOs

it is designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs who understand the value of extraordinary relationships. it connects entrepreneurs to top VC and angel investors, industry leaders, advisors, and every other player in the game.
How do over 60% of it Conference participants achieve funding?

it connects – entrepreneurs with experienced investors, CEOs, and industry experts to forge key relationships and ensure an understanding of today’s investment market
it is dedicated – no one works harder to put you in the know and to get you known
it is serious – only the most qualified entrepreneurs are selected

You can’t afford to miss it! Apply to it now.
Doing it Right is a program where exceptional entrepreneurs enhance their companies’ ability to attract funding and cultivate relationships. Through candid discussions led by investors and seasoned entrepreneurs, the program will increase participants’ understanding of the current state of venture capital and angel investment. Entrepreneurs will gain important skills and insight when Doing it Right – developing an effective fundraising strategy, negotiating savvy term sheets, navigating the due diligence process, and leading a successful company.

Doing it Right (September 25 through November 14):

Advanced Track for later stage companies
Life Science Track
Technology Track

Application Deadline: August 13th. Get to it and apply today!

Read all about it at

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