NCWIT & ACM-W Student Seed Fund

The NCWIT Student Seed Fund invested $316,250 in more than 157 student-run programs for women in computing at non-profit, U.S. NCWIT Academic Alliance member institutions nationwide (excluding U.S. territories). Programs have included programming workshops, tech summits, peer mentoring and support, professional training, after-school programs, and the creation of multimedia materials — all aimed at increasing recruitment and retention of women and other underrepresented groups in computing.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund Winners: Round 13 (Fall 2016)

The 13th round of the Student Seed Fund offered tiered levels of awards to support the needs of Women in Computing (WIC) groups at different stages of development and varied institutional sizes:

  • Trailblazer Award (up to $15,000): Funding at this level is for well-developed groups with a history of institutional support that are interested in institution-wide projects such as funding large-scale events or academic course development.
  • Amplification Award (up to $5,000): Funding at this level is intended for existing groups interested in expanding their impact through existing and new programs on their campus and in their geographic region. Recipients of this funding will also have the opportunity to mentor an emerging WIC group at another institution.
  • Start-up Funding (up to $3,000): Students looking to start a new ACM-W chapter on campus can apply for funds to help launch their group.

Trailblazer Award Winners

  • Missouri University of Science and Technology ACM-W proposes a detailed program that will survey current students and potential incoming students in order to identify issues and misconceptions. They will work to address these issues at incoming, recruitment, and curriculum levels.
  • University of Oregon Women in Computer Science (WiCS) will host a conference on mentoring in tech that focuses on women and underrepresented groups. Their event will spread awareness about the need for mentorship and provide the skills necessary to become a mentor or mentee.

Amplification Award Winners

  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Women in Engineering aims to support all women in computer science by providing a safe place on campus for academic advancement: tutoring, resume reviews and career guidance, panels and workshops, and guest lectures.
  • University of California Berkeley Women in Computer Science and Engineering (WICSE) will create an unconscious bias training based on Google’s Unconscious Bias@Work model in order to create a more inclusive community on campus.
  • University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Graduate Women in Computing will create a department-wide mentorship program for CS graduate and undergraduate students and create a space for students to connect with each other as well as understand the importance of increasing diversity in STEM.
  • University of Maryland Grad Women/Association of Women in Computing will launch an outreach program at Montgomery Blair High School. Additionally, they hope to establish a girls-only programming club there.
  • University of San Francisco Women in Computer Science aims to empower women in tech by providing a safe, open space for meetings, tutoring, and project collaboration. They also want to inspire creativity by hosting bi-annual hackathons open to anyone in the Bay Area.

Start-up Funding Winners

  • Bryn Mawr College Sudo Hoot will recruit members by providing highly sought-after career and professional development tech opportunities and by establishing a mentorship program to retain first-year students interested in CS. The mentorship program will build relationships with tech companies and underserved schools.
  • Fisk University Computer Science Club will empower young women by connecting them to a network of professional mentors and by encouraging them to participate in weekly web development workshops, where students will create their own personal webpages with a registered domain name.
  • Kean University will create a new ACM-W student chapter to aid the underrepresented female CS/IS/IT students on campus and in the local community through speaker events, career fairs, and outreach activities. It is also a goal to provide a platform for members to gather, share ideas and experiences, as well as network.
  • Oregon State University ACM-W student chapter will provide an inclusive community for female students currently in CS, will initiate opportunities for students to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing, and will raise awareness about gender issues among faculty and students through seminars and industry events.
  • Stevens Institute of Technology Stevens Women in Computer Science aspires to spread awareness of the gender gap in computing — both in academia and in the industry — through technical workshops, collaborative activities with other professional organizations, and social events for Stevens Women in Computing.
  • Texas Tech University Extraordinary Women of Computer Science (EWoCS) is looking to start a new ACM-W Chapter on campus, which will offer student activities and projects that aim to improve working and learning environments.
  • University of Houston-Downtown ACM-W will host the first Codeathon at the university by offering four weeks of programming workshops to teach C++, Java, and Python. This initiative will allow members to feel supported in a male-dominated field.
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha ACM-W chapter will recruit student members from diverse backgrounds in order to provide support, leadership and networking opportunities, professional development activities, and a strong sense of community among the female students enrolled in information technology programs.
  • Valparaiso University ACM-W student chapter will focus on outreach and inclusion events, such as code teaching and professional panels. Goals are to foster a healthy community of computing and programming enthusiasts and to increase engagement in the community as a whole.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 12 Winners (Spring 2016)

Trailblazer Award Winner

  • University of California, Irvine will identify undecided/undeclared students and target them via emails and other means of communication to encourage students to apply for their mentoring program. Once accepted into the program, students will benefit from the “community” via mentoring, tutoring, workshops, and a tour at a technical company.

Amplification Award Winners

  • Drexel University plans on expanding their mentoring program to provide underclasswomen with a meaningful contact within the college who can empathize with the unique challenges posed to women in STEM.
  • Florida Atlantic University will enlarge their Exam Week Support and College Day programs, as well as host a Welcome Back Social for students.
  • Tennessee Technological University aims to organize a monthly professional development session where they will expose members to various techniques and trends in the computing field, with an emphasis on cybersecurity.
  • University of Florida will travel to local middle and high schools to provide education to the Gainesville youth that want to learn how to write code and create a community of Gainesville female computer scientists.

Start-up Funding Winners

  • Bucknell University plans to recruit more members into their new group via an orientation event who will then be mentored and inspired about CS.
  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona will use social media, existing student groups, and visits to 100-level classes to recruit members.
  • Carleton College will strike a balance between organizing larger and smaller events, which will serve different purposes all intended to educate and build the computer science community.
  • Loyola University Maryland will hold workshops for local Baltimore city high school women to promote interest in technology and inform them about the many computer science career paths available, have technical alumni speak at meetings, send a few members to the Grace Hopper Celebration, and host a workshop for members geared towards obtaining a job in the field.
  • Oberlin College aspires to organize activities such that they cover the professional and educational aspects of pursuing computer science, while fostering a beneficial social network amongst the involved students.
  • Rowan University seeks to recruit new members and do service projects such as the “Handomatic” project where people volunteer their resources for people to receive prosthetic limbs and expand into K-12 outreach.
  • University of Maine will hold social events to build student networking, a mentoring program, host industry and academia invited speakers, and start a K-12 Outreach-Volunteer program.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 11 Winners (Fall 2015)

Trailblazer Award Winners

  • Indiana University Bloomington will conduct research on campus to understand campus-specific experiences and systemic issues. The institution will also create resources for male advocates in academia.
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte will create workshops that focus on using improv techniques to challenge covert sexism and racism. The school will also produce video segments that can be used as educational resources on other campuses.

Amplification Award Winners

  • Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo will host a “Women in Computer Science Day” event for prospective students, focused on getting women and historically underrepresented students interested in CS majors.
  • Miami Dade College will host a four-hour recruitment “Technology is Everywhere” event, including a keynote speaker, a networking reception, and small interactive break-out sessions.
  • Missouri University of Science and Technology will create a mentoring program for high school students, using hands-on activities to get women interested in tech fields. They will track how many of these high school student participants pursue a computing major in college.
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will host a day-long “Women in Tech Summit” for all schools in Upstate New York area. The institution plans to invite both universities and interested high school students to participate in the event.
  • University of Pennsylvania will host an all-women hackathon for women who attend college in the Philadelphia region, implement a semester-long “WiCS Passion Projects” event, and will put a mentoring program into action for women and CS where freshmen/sophomores can pair up with a junior/senior mentor to aid in retention.
  • University of Minnesota Twin Cities will create a campus-based mentoring program where upper-level women in CS will be able to mentor entry-level women in CS.
  • Villanova University will host a one-day conference for faculty, staff, and alumni that will be free and open to any students/employees in the region. The group is focused on networking across generations and disciplines.

Start-up Funding Winners

  • Brigham Young University will use major-selection fairs, in-person visits to 100-level courses, websites, social media, and in-person visits to other pre-professional clubs to recruit members.
  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona will use social media, existing student groups, and visits to 100-level classes to recruit members.
  • Columbus State University plans to recruit members by emailing all registered CS majors, performing in-person visits to 100-level CS classes, and tabling in the lobby of academic classes during the first week of the term.
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University plans to recruit students by using email blasts, flyers in academic buildings, and in-person visits to 100-level classes. The school will also host an Hour of Code event to recruit prospective members.
  • Michigan Technological University plans to recruit members through meetings, social activities, and academic department outreach events. The school will also host a monthly meeting focused on recruitment.
  • Monmouth University plans to host a regional celebration of WIC, using this event as a recruitment effort for new members.
  • Santa Fe College will use social media and print media to recruit members for the group. They also plan to work with the admissions office to identify prospective students interested in newly created BS degrees for CS/IT majors.
  • University at Albany – SUNY will take trips to regional industry locations. The institution plans to recruit members through existing social media platforms, faculty referrals, posters in academic buildings, and announcements at other pre-professional groups.
  • University of Pittsburgh is planning a campus screening of She++. They will recruit members through CS Activities Fairs, Student Activities Fairs, and with flyers on the benefits of membership.
  • University of San Francisco plans to host a Hackathon and a campus speaker series. They will recruit members through visits to 100-level classes, tabling on campus, and emails to students registered in CS classes.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 10 Winners (Spring 2015)

  • Berea College aims to maintain an online blog and launch a series of informative videos addressing specific issues that concern women pursuing a degree in computer science.
  • Bryn Mawr College will collaborate with students on various projects relating to software engineering, including websites and mobile applications.
  • Georgia Gwinnett College will host a Fall Kick-off and Spring Celebration to allow students to familiarize themselves with the project. They will also host a three-day WIT Boot Camp where students learn technical skills while forming a community of support.
  • Livingstone College plans to conduct a six week course that introduces elementary and middle school girls to the concept of coding.
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute will send members to NYCWiC 2016. The conference is modeled after the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference and it promotes the academic, social, and professional growth of women in computer science.
  • San Jose State University plans to host the inaugural SWE-SJSU’s Women’s Hackathon aiming to empower women in computer science. Attendees will put together a list of projects and ideas that they will have the opportunity to demonstrate at the event.
  • University of Delaware will organize an E-Textiles Workshop that combines learning how electronics and programming can be combined to create fun and useful e-textiles.
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst will organize, host, and promote a series of technical workshops designed to build every day skills that students who are introduced to computer science in an academic setting often lack. Read more here.
  • University of Pennsylvania intends to leverage their relationship with local teachers by developing a biweekly workshop series, InsipiHer, which will target local middle and high schools.
  • University of South Alabama will hold a series of 3 events over the course of the fall semester aimed at increasing the organization’s membership base by attracting both female students currently enrolled in the School of Computing and undeclared female students at the university.
  • Western Washington University will engage with students using LittleBits, which allows them to demonstrate the applications of computer science, allowing students to learn how circuits work.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 9 Winners (Fall 2014)

  • California State University, Channel Islands will host a three-day boot camp to expose students to programming in a collaborative, focused environment.
  • Columbus State University will arrange a computing day for fourth- and fifth-grade girls to gain experience with computational thinking and problem solving, as well as to encourage them to consider studies and careers in technology.
  • Michigan State University aims to coordinate a “Teach Workshop” for underrepresented students at STEM Academy.
  • Smith College intends to send a group of 30 students to attend the Harvard Women Engineers (WECode) Conference, which brings women together to learn about CS opportunities and establish meaningful relationships with one another.
  • University of California, Irvine will conduct multiple events for young women at Garden Grove High Schools to cultivate their interest in technology through mentorship and a series of hands-on workshops.
  • University of Connecticut aims to organize a two-day, hands-on workshop for up to 40 middle and high school students. Students will choose from six different programs and will be advised by an UConn undergraduate student.
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte plans to teach mobile app development fundamentals over a ten-week course, followed by another ten-week course on embedded systems and their relationship to smartphones and participatory sensing.
  • University of Pittsburgh will host an all-women’s hackathon for undergraduate women at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • University of South Florida intends to provide a roadshow that consists of an interactive presentation, a programming contest, and a mentoring session.
  • Washington State University, Pullman will create hands-on programming projects for students and organize presentations about the exciting research and career opportunities that women in computing are pursuing at Washington State University.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 8 Winners (May 2014)

  • Bluegrass Community and Technical College will use its funds to conduct outreach programs to local elementary, middle school and high school students.
  • Brigham Young University will use its funds to run an event targeted at freshmen women demonstrating that everybody can program.
  • Louisiana State University conducts regular outreach events to local middle schools and high schools and will use its funds to purchase reusable material for computer science outreach and workshop events.
  • Mount Holyoke College intends to initiate a mentorship program called ‘Big Nerd-Little Nerd’ that will pair freshman and sophomore students with upper-class women whom can share their experiences, knowledge and advice with their younger partner.
  • North Dakota State University will buy phones in order to add another workshop to their series of outreach events. They plan on teaching students simple app development.
  • Pacific University will host a conference for students interested in careers in computer science focused on the importance of the inclusion of more women in this male-dominated field.
  • University of California at Davis will hold a C-STEM GIRL camp follow-up meeting and also give a robotics demonstration at the Girl Scout STEM Sampler.
  • University of Delaware will mentor high school and grade school female students about bioinformatics and computer science careers.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign will provide content for an after school program, teaching a variety of Computer Science topics ranging from programming to exploring the concept of pixels.
  • Virginia State University will engage students in hands-on activities to establish basic concepts of Computer Science.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 7 Winners (November 2013)

  • California State University, Long Beach will host a Circuit Workshop that will show girls how to make a blinking LED circuit and an HTML workshop teaching girls how to build their own website.
  • Hodges University will host a “Bits & Bytes” lunch and learn. Their lunch will include industrial leader keynote presentations and a programming workshop to introduce programming to moms and children.
  • Pellissippi State Community College will host an event and invite professionals from the community to share their experiences as IT professionals. This event will cater to young women and guidance counselors from local high schools as well as women who are enrolled or interested in CSIT.
  • Princeton University will host various events including a Java workshop for high school students, a workshop for disadvantaged middle school students, and a hardware workshop for minority students.
  • Santa Monica College will host a semester kick-off event and open house for students which will highlight the array of career options available in the computer science field.
  • University of Nevada, Reno will host an introduction to computer science seminar for women to recruit students with undecided majors as well as students from various community colleges.
  • University of North Carolina, Charlotte will conduct weekly outreach programs for local middle schools using Lego kits to promote interest in advanced robotics.
  • University of North Texas will host a book club based on “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” by Sheryl Sandberg and host a Software Testing Competition using a web app called “Bug Catcher.”
  • University of Texas at Austin will hold an AWIT-iSchool Showcase that will be a conference for female students. At this conference, graduate and undergraduate students will present posters of their work from classes, internships, or volunteer experiences.
  • University of Texas at El Paso will organize an Engineering Mixer for Women with the objective to connect female engineering students to pre-professional opportunities.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 6 Winners (April 2013)

  • Boston University will organize a resume/interview workshop, 3 “Lecture Series” events involving professors and outside speakers, and a Bowling “Bonding/Orientation” event for new members.
  • Columbia University will host a mentorship program to support the CS community and share the knowledge and experience that WICS members have to offer to their peers.
  • Cornell University will host a mentorship program, organize a talk with Cornell alumna, and conduct a student panel, as well as a faculty talk and mingling event to help women build their network.
  • Georgia Gwinnett College will implement a Women in IT community within the campus focusing primarily on women who are majoring, minoring, or interested in the field of Information Technology.
  • Indiana University will create awareness on campus about CEWIT and WESIT by hosting an “Amazing Race” type competition for IU students around the fall launch of the center.
  • Livingstone College will establish an annual event at the Livingstone College on the Green event to recruit participation and majors into FiT and help women become CIS majors.
  • Oregon State University will provide a middle school and a high school weekly hands-on electronics activities at the Corvallis Boys and Girls Club Teen Center using kits they prepare.
  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College will involve the local students, through an Expanding Your Horizons program in which local middle school girls are taught the basics of technology.
  • The College of New Jersey will be developing a book trading/selling web application to enable college students to decrease the exorbitant expenses typically incurred by textbooks.
  • The University of Texas at Dallas will host the first Geeky Girls Summer Camp, a two day camp for girl entering their junior year of high school to become exposed to computer programming.
  • Tulane University will promote and maintain technology-related workshops throughout the academic year focusing on topics such as Graphic Design, SPSS, Wikipedia editing, Drupal and WordPress.
  • University of South Alabama will host the 1st Annual ACM-W Back to School luncheon to bring together female faculty members, industry partners, alumni, and students for networking.
  • Villanova University will hold a “Women in Technology” workshop for undeclared science females to explain what computer scientists do and show them CS women are not the stereotypical “geeks.”
  • Virginia State University will have an all day workshop to have some CS Unplugged activities, such as Error Detection: Card Flip Magic, Binary Numbers: Count the Dots, and chalk drawings.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 5 Winners (November 2012)

  • Indiana University – Purdue University will support their first big event- Women in Technology Networking Event.
  • James Madison University will invite girls from local middle schools and Girl Scouts troops to James Madison University for a “Technology Day.”
  • Massachusetts Academy of Science will hold three meetings in the Boston area with the SISE Catalyst Team members from across Massachusetts.
  • Northwestern University will enlist members, as well as allow increased participation for events in the greater Northwestern campus.
  • Purdue University will fund their mentor program where each freshman, and occasionally sophomores, are paired with an upperclassman in their major that serves as their mentor.
  • Seattle Central Community College will host a Get Hired! seminar from LadyCoders on campus that is geared toward women and the resume/interview process as well as the working environment of the IT industry.
  • Tennessee Technological University will host a series of three mini-retreats for 1st year female students in CS/CE/MIS called Tweet Retreat: Mini-Retreat Series for Technical Women Empowering Tech.
  • University of California-Irvine will host 3 workshops for girls at different middle schools, where they will teach them how to use Scratch (a visual programming software for children) through a simple project.
  • University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign will host the TapIn Academy, an after school program supported by the Champaign Public School district.
  • University of Puget Sound will sustain their expanding community by organizing a joint ACM-W chapter with Pacific Lutheran University.
  • University of Texas-Pan American will promote the organization of the new ACM-W chapter, support their outreach activity for local elementary/middle school girls, and assist with travel costs to visit a computing/information technology organization within the region.
  • Western New England University will host the “Women in Technology Day,” a High School Outreach Project, and a “Hackathon for Women.”

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 4 Winners (June 2012)

  • Ball State University will support their upcoming conference for the 2012-2013 academic year, which will include both high school students and college students.
  • Fort Valley State University will host a two day Computer Enrichment Workshop for middle school girls to spark their interest in technology, which will introduce the students to the SCRATCH programming language and robotics.
  • Loyola University Maryland will have an off-campus leadership retreat for members of the executive board and committees and members of the SWE Baltimore/Washington professional section will participate in mentoring at the retreat.
  • Michigan State University will be expanding their Girl Scout programs to include all interested middle school girls as well as invite other universities and colleges to come observe and participate in our workshops.
  • The Ohio State University will get female students who are interested in computing to attend Grace Hopper conference, bringing a minimum of 10 female students who are majors or minors in computer science.
  • Santa Clara University will develop a new program called “Sisters in Engineering,” a mentorship program between female incoming and upper-class students in the engineering school.
  • University of Delaware will conduct a pilot workshop and contest of educational videos on introductory computer science topics to enable freshman student teams to creatively design, role-play, and shoot short videos that bring down to earth abstract concepts of CS and tie them up with fun and insightful real-life situations.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 3 Winners (March 2012)

  • Fisk University will organize High School visits during which students will be able to develop mobile apps, use Scratch software, as well as participate in the demonstration of healthcare apps in order to gain hands-on experience.
  • Purdue University Women in Technology (WIT) will use this grant to support their annual three day program Discovering Opportunities in Technology (DOiT).
  • University of California-Berkeley WICSE will implement a focused peer mentorship program called “Big Sisters” in order to make new students feel more comfortable during their first two years.
  • University of California-San Diego Women in Computing will apply this grant towards an event that they will host that allows high school students to visit the UCSD campus to participate in lab hours, listen to guest speakers and enjoy food and games.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Women in Computer Science will use this grant towards their annual Chic-Tech retreat which is a recruiting event for them, as well as an opportunity for high school and middle school students to gain hands-on experience.
  • University of Pennsylvania Women in Computer Science Living and Learning Community (WICS) will use this grant to help sponsor the tech workshops and field trips organized by WICS.
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Association of Women in Computing will use this grant to set up a group of two or four mentees with a graduate and undergraduate mentor over an academic year and provide them with an opportunity to do extracurricular research and programming project.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 2 Winners (July 2011)

  • Arizona State University Women in Computer Science will provide gas and food money to members of their organization that volunteer to visit high schools to promote the awareness of Computer Science and recruit students.
  • Brown University Women in Computer Science will use this grant toward funding their ongoing social, mentoring, and outreach programs.
  • Florida A&M University African-American Women in Computer Science (AAWCS) will assist its members with outreach and recruitment efforts such as traveling road shows and hosting high school students for workshops using this grant.
  • Fort Valley State University Association for Computing Machinery FVUS Student Chapter will host a two day Computer Enrichment Workshop for middle school girls to spark their interest in computer science.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology Women @ College of Computing will use this grant in order to to attend The Grace Hopper Conference in Portland, Oregon.
  • Livingstone College Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) will be working with a local high school to promote and develop an interest in information technology amongst females through career discussions and college preparatory discussions.
  • Michigan State University Women in Computing will use this grant to support and improve the technology workshops that they organize in order to introduce girl scouts to basic programming and web design, as well as help them earn a computers badge.
  • Michigan Technological University Women in Computing Sciences (WiCS) will develop and implement fun and effective outreach programs for high school students that will consist of presentations, discussions, and additional hands-on activities.
  • Murray State University Women in Computing will participate in a university-wide STEM Girls Day and will use this grant to supply the girls with gift bags, information about computing careers, and information about the CSIS major at Murray State University.
  • Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College Building Future Experiences (BFE) will use this grant to purchase new supplies to jump-start the group’s activities, and towards recruitment efforts to attract new members.
  • Savannah State University SWE Savannah State, a proposed chapter of the Society of Women Engineers, will use this grant to support outreach activities involving developing a FIRST LEGO League for female middle and high school students in their community.
  • University of California-Davis C-STEM Outreach Club will use this grant to cover transportation and food costs that are necessary in order to move forward with the workshop that they are organizing called “Programming the Amazing World of Robotics.”
  • University of Central Arkansas Women’s Computer Science Club will improve and expand their organization by organizing more events and recruiting members in order to create awareness about their cause.
  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst CS Women’s Groups will use this grant to fund visits to academic/industrial institutes, their Grad-to-Undergrad Mentoring Program, and activities that increase the awareness of the CS department at their university.
  • University of Tampa Student Chapter of ACM will organize an event on their campus to promote interest in Information Technology specifically targeted at female students.

NCWIT Student Seed Fund: Round 1 Winners (March 2011)

  • Colorado School of Mines ACM-W Student Chapter will expand their organization, using this grant, by hosting computing events and outreach activities.
  • Columbia University Center for Computational Learning Systems will organize workshops that to help female undergraduates better understand the variety of career options available for Computer Science graduates.
  • DePaul University ACM-W, HerCDM, and Digital Divas will organize the first DePaul College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) Women in Computing retreat.
  • Indiana University uWIC (Undergraduate Women in Informatics and Computing) will organize an event for undergrad students who are currently not majoring/minoring in Computing in  order to introduce them to the advantages and opportunities available in this field.
  • Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) Women in Technology will sponsor a networking event to bring together students and faculty from the many technology related programs on campus.
  • North Carolina State University Women in Computer Science will organize a panel discussion for both undergraduate and graduate female students at the Department of Computer Science.
  • Purdue University Women in Technology will use this grant to support their Women in Leadership Conference, which focuses on the achievements, challenges, and working relationships that women face in the workforce and in leadership roles.
  • Seattle Central Community College Ignite-Central will use this grant to support their 6th-annual GLITTER (Get Launched In Technology Through Education and Resources) event on May 20, 2011.
  • Stanford University Women in Electrical Engineering will organize a three part event series for women in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departments.
  • University of California-Berkeley Association of Women in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (AWE) plans to participate in the College of Engineering (COE)’s exciting Engineers Week (E-Week) in March, as well as host a Welcome Luncheon for women who have been accepted into Berkeley’s undergraduate EECS program.
  • University of California-Irvine Women in Information and Computer Sciences will hold a conference that will highlight the female professors and grad students currently affiliated with the University of California, Irvine and showcase their past and/or current research projects.
  • University of Colorado-Boulder National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) will use this grant to cover conference registration fees for four multicultural women in order for them to be able to attend a five day national conference.
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County CWIT Student Council will use this grant to fund their 1st Annual “Women in Technology: Unleash Your Inner Leader” networking and dinner event.
  • Utah State University ACM-W will use this grant to fund a “Bug Stomp” event that allows students to practice their software testing skills by examining several problems to identify the bugs.
  • Virginia State University Walter Johnson Mathematics and Computer Science Club plans to use this grant to be able to invite 30-35 minority girls from local middle and high schools to their campus for an all day Saturday program.

For further information about NCWIT Seed Fund opportunities, please contact the NCWIT Academic Alliance Awards Manager at

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