Sujata Kosalge

A headshot of Sujata Kosalge smiling at the camera. She's wearing a striped blazer over a dark shirt and standing in front of a white background
Vice President of Engineering
Sujata Kosalge is the Vice President of Engineering in the Core team at Google that builds the technical foundation behind Google’s flagship products. She leads the Data pillar within Core with the mission to unlock the power of Google’s data. The Core Data product suite offers end-to-end data management solutions, infrastructure, and foundations for Google products. Sujata brings a deep understanding of emerging technologies, a commitment to data-driven opinionated decision-making and experience building scalable software systems . She is known for her collaborative leadership style and commitment to fostering an inclusive engineering culture where innovation thrives. With over 20+ years in the software industry, she has a proven track record of driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions.
Prior to Core, Sujata spent a decade on the Google Adwords API team where she grew from a senior software engineer to Distinguished Engineer. She helped position the advertising business for rapid growth by replacing a conglomeration of disparate systems with a cohesive platform built for scale and supporting multiple ads products with a unified API. She designed and helped develop large scale API’s that were instrumental in streamlining integrations for third-party developers as well, thus significantly improving the efficiency and automation capabilities for managing large advertising campaigns.
Sujata is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and an advocate for empowering women in tech. As the Global chair of the Women@ERG at Google, she is dedicated to fostering a supportive community where women can connect, share experiences, and advance their careers. She is particularly focused on career development programs, fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging and driving community impact. She is most proud of her work for TalentSprint Women Engineers program, where she worked closely on an outreach program in India to improve the representation of women in tech.
Sujata has completed her Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University and Bachelor in Computer Science from Pune Institute of Computer Technology in India.

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