NCWIT Resources and Initiatives to Support Change Leaders In 2021 and Beyond

In 2021, NCWIT produced a wide range of resources to support members in responding to the issues of the moment with cutting-edge insights and research-backed strategies. Below, explore a few highlights from the past year.

Articles by NCWIT research scientists, program directors, and guest experts have addressed important topics such as racialized violence, the language of gender diversity, and ageism in tech:

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NCWIT equipped members with tools to empower change leaders in both corporate and higher education settings to take a strategic approach in creating inclusive cultures:

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At the same time, incisive reports, podcast episodes, and interviews outlined existing inequities and called upon tech companies to interrupt harmful workplace dynamics:  

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As the pandemic continued to impact the way people gather, NCWIT created virtual spaces in which to celebrate, educate, and converse. Programs such as Aspirations in Computing and Regional Initiatives offered both encouragement and support to up-and-coming technologists through online celebrations, awards programs, and access to skills training. And, understanding that often the freshest, most innovative ideas emerge when change agents come together, NCWIT provided opportunities for vital conversations to take place, such as:

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To access hundreds more resources from NCWIT, visit, and use the new search features to find resources that are most relevant for specific audiences and goals.  

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