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Advising for Future-Ready Careers

Advising for Future-Ready Careers is a monthly webinar series, hosted by NCWIT Counselors for Computing (C4C), providing information and resources to help counselors join the front line of the computing conversation. This webinar series is free and open to the public, ages 16 and up – geared toward school counselors, educators, graduate students, and those in school advising roles.

Advising for Future-Ready Careers is funded by the Department of Defense STEM (DoD STEM) seeking to attract, inspire, and develop exceptional STEM talent across the educational continuum.

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Episode 7, originally broadcast on December 7, 2021, features educator, artist, and technologist Chris Carruth. In this episode, Chris Carruth discusses the ways computer science overlaps with the disciplines of art and design.

Episode 6, originally broadcast on July 21, 2021, features Aerospace Engineers and Reinvented Magazine Board Members Caeley Looney, Aly Trevino, and Rachel Weeks. In this episode, Caeley, Aly, and Rachel discuss all things computing: STEAM, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

Episode 5, originally broadcast on June 16, 2021, features Jess Smith, a machine learning and AI ethics PhD Student at the University of Colorado. In this episode, Jess discusses the ever-growing field of ethics in computing. How does a self-driving car decide which direction to veer with the conundrum of hitting a mailbox versus hitting a pedestrian? Does facial recognition identify all types of facial features and skin colors? Can a crime algorithm predict whether a first-time offender will break the law again? Ethics in computing forces us to consider important questions like how an algorithm, artificial intelligence, or piece of technology may impact all of us. Find the resources shared during this presentation online.

Episode 4, originally broadcast on May 19, 2021, features Ruth Kyle, School Counselor, and Tom Kyle, Computer Science Teacher. In this episode, they discuss the commitment to supporting improved accessibility for students with disabilities and the possible hurdles that students from different backgrounds must overcome.

Episode 3, originally broadcast on April 21, 2021, features Kevin Nolten, Director of Academic Outreach at Cyber.org, and Samina Mondal, founder of Cyberweek.org. Cybersecurity careers are among the fastest-growing career areas nationally and are predicted to grow seven times faster than other fields. Tune in as Kevin and Samina share cybersecurity educational pathways and how to encourage the next generation of problem solvers, original thinkers, and technical leaders! 

Episode 2, originally broadcast on March 24, 2021, features Apptuitive CEO and Founder Carissa Lintao. She has been recognized in Forbes, CNBC, Business Insider, and Roadtrip Nation’s documentary ‘Venture Forward’ for her entrepreneurial efforts and focuses on changing tech for the better. Carissa’s passion is raising awareness about the intersection of ethics and tech to bridge information gaps and level the playing field.

Episode 1, originally broadcast February 24, 2021, features CEOs and Founders of Likeable STEM Anesha and Annika Santhanam. This platform is dedicated to students in upper elementary, middle, and high school—especially girls—aiming to engage them in learning STEM in a fun, visual, and interactive manner.

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