Did You Know? NCWIT Member Activity and Change Tracker (ACT)

Did you know that collaborating with other NCWIT Alliance Members and sharing your efforts for broadening participation in computing is just one click away? Using the Member Activity and Change Tracker (ACT), members can post activities related to recruitment, retention, mentoring practices, outreach programs, and more. ACT can motivate you to set goals and to help you learn about or try new activities.
Using ACT

View current activities at www.ncwit.org/activities. You can filter the results by activity type, institution, and more to gain inspiration and insight from what others are doing.
Post an activity. Use our how-to guide (PDF) to get started.
Update your status. Track your progress and describe lessons learned. Tell your peers what worked and what didn’t.
Collaborate, share, and inspire by commenting on member activities. To make a comment on an ACTivity, simply find the ACTivity, click on “Read more >”, go to the bottom of the ACTivity, and enter your detailed comment along with a title.

Gaining Visibility With ACT

Bask in the spotlight. Research-based member ACTivities can be highlighted on NCWIT’s homepage and in social media, should you choose to make them shareable. Some member activities will also be recognized publicly at the 2015 NCWIT Summit.
Contribute to NCWIT research. ACTivities from some member institutions are described as case studies in NCWIT Promising Practices. Yours could be next!

We hope you will visit www.ncwit.org/activities, and take advantage of this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the system and collaborate with others. NCWIT has hundreds of free resources to help you get started.
If you have any questions or comments about ACT, please email us at [email protected].

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