NCWIT AspireIT Toolkit: Raise Awareness

Utilize the NCWIT resources below to help inform yourself, participants, volunteers, and parents on the importance of computer science education for K-12 students, with a focus on broadening the participation of girls, women, and other underrepresented populations.

Picture of Capacity Building Roadmap documentThe AspireIT Capacity Building Roadmap is designed to aid policy makers or those who are working at the state level to broaden participation in computer science in their community. Download this resource to learn about the state of CS in your state, discover how to talk about the importance of CS with others, find potential partners, and more.

Preview Cover ImageDownload this one-page flyer to share with others everything the AspireIT Toolkit has to offer.

Preview Cover ImageTell others about what you are doing! Download this Promotion Ideas document for ideas and resources on how to get press coverage.

Why Computer Science?

The Current State of Girls and Women in Computing

By the Numbers

Check out the most compelling statistics on women’s participation in computing on a single page.

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Promoting Diversity in Computer Science

Engaging Peer Mentors

Engaging School Counselors

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