A thumbnail for the NCWIT Scorecard

NCWIT Scorecard: The Status of Women’s Participation in Computing

The NCWIT Scorecard is a place you can find data on trends in the participation in computing in the U.S. over time, by race and gender, providing a benchmark for…

CS+ Promo Card

CS+ Promo Card

Computing + Passion = Careers of the Future Visit NCWIT’s new CS+ resource page to explore how computer science intersects with  a wide array of interests and passions, unlocking opportunities…

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Gearing Up for Change: Institutional Reform in Undergraduate Computing Programs

Broadening Participation in Computing initiatives are much more likely to succeed when change leaders address readiness and ensure that subsystems work in harmony with each other to reinforce the envisioned…

By the Numbers

By the Numbers

Check out the most compelling statistics on women’s participation in computing on a single page.

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