CS Lesson Plans and Activities

These classroom-ready activities make it easy for any K-12 educator to incorporate computer science into their classroom or extracurricular program. The slides include explanations of how each lesson aligns with ASCA’s Mindsets and Behaviors for Student Success, allowing for a seamless integration into a School Counselors comprehensive program.

Interactive and participatory lessons like these promote support students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) alongside their technological development. By integrating SEL with computer science, these activities encourage critical thinking and problem solving, essential skills for navigating social challenges and building emotional resilience. Interactive coding and tech activities like robotics provide opportunities for students to express their feelings and ideas, promoting self-awareness and communication skills. Having students work on these lessons together builds collaboration and teamwork. Clearly, technological fluency is a must for today’s students, as are social-emotional skills.  Fortunately, computational and social-emotional learning can be developed simultaneously and reinforce one another,equipping students with valuable skills that boost confidence. 

Each activity is presented as its own classroom-ready slide deck. Download them all or choose from the list below.


Intended grade levels
Activity Elementary
(Grades 3+)
Middle School High School
AI for Oceans x x
AI Advanced Training x x x
AR Exploration x x x
Computing + Passion = Careers of the Future x x
Code a Dance Party x x x
Make Code with Microbits x x
Animate a Character x x x
Animate Your Name x x x
Imagine a World x x x
Maze Game x x x
Pong x x x
VR Education Tour x x
VR Exploration x x

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