Overcoming Challenges to Make Systemic Change

Published on 09/14/2023

These videos share lessons and insights from winners of NCWIT Extension Services Transformation (NEXT) Awards.

The NEXT Awards celebrate past and present ES clients for excellence in recruiting and retaining women in computing education. The awards reflect and reward practices that NCWIT recognizes as having the most significant impact on the long-term goal of increasing the number of women in information technology and other computing-related fields. Departments receiving a NEXT Award show significant positive outcomes in women’s enrollment and graduation rates, and have excellent potential for building on these gains.

Alison Norman (University of Texas at Austin)
Tiffany Buckley (University of Texas at Austin)
Chloe Dolese Mandeville (University of Washington Seattle)
Margaret Burnett (Oregon State University – also talked about Kean University)
Chris Hunn (UC Berkeley)
Dennis Groth (Indiana University)
Erika Dawson-Head (UMass Amherst)
Tracy Camp (Colorado School of Mines)

This introduction to the project addresses some of the biggest challenges that come with improving retention of diverse students in STEM programs.

What have other universities done to help build buy-in from staff to improve retention in STEM programs?

What strategies are effective for recruiting diverse students to your program?

How can universities improve their curriculum and pedagogy to improve retention in STEM programs?

How can universities improve their retention strategies?

How data can be used to improve the diversity of STEM programs?

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