CS+Education and Training

Today there is a pressing need for skilled CS educators who possess not only technical knowledge but also a passion for teaching. These educators are vital, as they equip current and future generations to thrive in an increasingly complex, tech-centric world. However, the opportunities at the intersection of CS + Education extend beyond traditional classroom teaching. This includes roles focused on developing educational software and tools that facilitate learning, making education more accessible and engaging. There is also an increasing demand for experts who can provide specialized training in the practical use of technology across various industries, including cybersecurity. 

Careers in CS + Education offer opportunities to shape how we learn in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Pathways in CS+Education and Training

For those interested in a career as a CS educator in either K-12 or college, a background in any CS field is appropriate, combined with coursework in Education. 

Those interested in Educational Software Development could consider studying Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, or Computer Graphics. Those interested in careers as an Instructional Technology Specialist Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator would be well-served by a background in Human-Computer Interaction, Information Science & Security, Database Systems, and/or Software Engineering.

Careers in CS+Education and Training

Educational Software Developer
Specializes in designing and creating software and applications for educational purposes, such as interactive learning platforms, educational games, or e-learning tools.
Instructional Technology Specialist
Integrates technology into educational settings, helping teachers and educational institutions adopt and effectively use digital tools in their teaching methods.
Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator
Manages and customizes Learning Management Systems, which are used by educational institutions and companies for online learning and training.
Computer Science Educator
Teaches computer science subjects at various levels, from K-12 to college, and may also be involved in curriculum development for software companies or organizations like code.org or Google.
Cybersecurity Trainer
Develops and delivers training programs on network security, threat analysis, and best practices for data protection, equipping individuals and organizations with essential skills to combat cyber threats. They provide both theoretical knowledge and practical experiences, staying abreast of the latest trends and threats in cybersecurity.
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