Through CS, artistically inclined individuals can find rewarding opportunities for artistic expression along with strong career prospects. The demand for digital art and design is growing in various industries, including gaming, film, advertising, web design, and app development. A background in computer science opens doors to numerous career paths that value artistic skills in a digital context.

Pathways in CS+Art

Some of the roles listed, such as UX/UI Designer and Web Developer, may be accessible with a certificate, associate degree, or job experience. Other roles require a Bachelor’s degree. For a career that combines CS with Art, an interdisciplinary educational path can be highly beneficial. Some key areas to consider include:

Computer Science Fundamentals: Core courses in programming, algorithms, data structures, and software development provide essential skills for any tech-related career.
Graphic Design and Digital Art: Courses in graphic design, digital illustration, and digital media art will help develop artistic skills and understanding of visual aesthetics.

Interactive Media Design: This includes web design, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, and interactive art, focusing on creating engaging and user-friendly digital experiences.
Animation and 3D Modeling: Courses in animation, motion graphics, and 3D modeling are crucial for those interested in video game design, film, or virtual reality.

Game Design and Development: If interested in gaming, courses in game theory, game design, and game development will be beneficial.

Digital Media Production: Includes video production, sound design, and multimedia storytelling, useful for content creation and digital storytelling.

Careers in CS+Art

Game Developer/Designer
Creates video games, blending programming skills with artistic design to develop engaging gameplay, environments, and characters.
User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) Designer
Designs, tests, and maintains apps and websites, ensuring they are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly. May create the graphics used on websites, either by hand or using software. Related job: Web Developer.
Digital Animator or 3D Modeler
Works in film, TV, or gaming industries to create animations using computer software. This role requires a combination of artistic talent and technical knowledge of animation and/or 3D modeling tools.
Virtual Reality (VR) Developer
Designs and develops VR experiences, requiring skills in programming as well as an understanding of how to create immersive, visually compelling environments. (Broader career category: Software Developer)
Graphic Designer with Coding Skills
Combines traditional graphic design with coding to create visually appealing designs and layouts for digital platforms.
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