Corporate TIJ Planning Guides

Use the following guides and templates for the Corporate Tech Inclusion Journey

NCWIT TIJ Consensus Conversation Facilitators Guide

Use this guide in Step 2 of the Tech Inclusion Journey. This guide will help you see how the Consensus Conversation fits in to the overall TIJ process. It will help you learn how to facilitate an effective GPS Consensus Conversation. And it will prepare your team to move from GPS to Action Planning in the TIJ.

NCWIT TIJ Chart Generator

Use this tool to help you generate summary charts from your downloaded GPS CSV files

NCWIT TIJ Action Planning Guide

Step 3 in the Tech Inclusion Journey is Action Planning. Use this guide to smoothly transition from GPS results to strategic action planning. Learn how to set and align cultural goals, objectives, and specific actions. And establish and collect appropriate metrics for your efforts to assess progress.

NCWIT TIJ Action Planning Templates

Use these templates to develop the Action Plan you will use during implementation of your change efforts in pursuit of your organizational goals. This is used in Step 3 of the Tech Inclusion Journey.

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