This set of eleven TECHNOLOchicas 3.0 11″ x 17″ posters portray Latina technologists from diverse backgrounds and environments.

This customizable PowerPoint presentation is an excellent resource for schools who wish to educate their community about computer science, to teach about the importance of

Schools across the country and around the world are working to increase access to quality CS education. But while CS classes and opportunities are expanding,

In addition to demonstrating expertise and experience, intentional role models display their strengths and weaknesses and help observers see how they could attain a similar

Modern Figures Podcast ( guest stars Black women in computing who share their stories and perspectives on technical, societal, and personal topics. Geared toward women

NCWIT celebrates the contributions of Black women and girls in computing by hosting a series of virtual chats: “The Color of Our Future: An Online

Inspired by teachers creating Bitmoji virtual classrooms, NCWIT has assembled a set of interactive elements to help teachers make all students feel welcome and to

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