NCWIT Summit Kicks Off!

Hello from New York City! We’re excited to be here at NYU’s Kimmel Center (hosted by the Games for Learning Institute) to kick off our annual Summit on Women and IT. We’ve got a ton of work to do over the next three days on a range of topics, such as …

How an increasingly diverse U.S. population influences the future of technology
Ways to better inform and educate girls about IT career choices
How diversity impacts innovation and how stereotype threat affects underrepresented groups in particular environments
What organizations can do to promote a diverse work environment, retain talent, and avoid high attrition
How to develop diversity in open source computing

In addition to the phenomenal lineup of speakers, panelists, and guests attending the Summit this year, we welcome attendees from a remarkable cross-section of occupations, disciplines, age groups, and approaches. Convening diverse people who intersect around the issue of female participation in IT and computing is one of our favorite aspects of the Summit: we learn about and can participate in each others’ work, we inspire each other, and — most importantly — we create the conditions for our own success. As our speaker Scott Page will discuss today, diversity isn’t just lip service: diversity “trumps” intelligence when it comes to problem-solving, which makes a compelling argument for the need to diversify technology fields.
Stay tuned here or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates from the Summit. We look forward to sharing as we learn and hope you will join us.

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