International Women’s Day: Women are a Smart Investment

International Women’s Day is today, and organizations in all parts of the world are celebrating in their own unique way.

Trinidad and Tobago’s local theme is “Investing in Women and Girls,” according to the Trinidad & Tobago Express. This theme recognizes the value of an increased amount of girls and women in all educational and employment opportunities.

“Investing in women is not only the right thing to do. It is the smart thing to do,” United Nations Resident Coordinator, Dr. Marcia De Castro said in The Express’ article. De Castro added that all organizations and institutions must do more to make stronger investments in women and girls.

If stronger investments increase women’s participation in fields such as IT, then the result would be a more competitive and innovative workforce that better serves society’s broad population.

Check out what NCWIT is doing to recognize International Women’s Day here, and see what you can do to participate in the celebration.

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