100 Recommended Resources on Gender in S&E

When you use Google, or a large database, to find things, you have to
decide: “Is it any good?” 
I have collected about 100 recommended resources on women in science and engineering and posted them at http://momox.org/10×10.html. I call it the “10 x 10 List.”  The list is organized in chunks, and each chunk is a short list of selected resources customized to a particular audience. Here are some examples.
For anyone:

Self study guide – reading for newbies
Libraries, knowledge centers, bibliography

For parents and afterschool leaders:

Biographies of women in science and engineering (role models)
Video’s and CD’s designed to inspire girls
Guides for parents and afterschool leaders
S&E afterschool materials and kits

For educators and researchers:

Training and consulting services, technical assistance projects
Best practices resources – K-12
University-level transformation/change
International activity
National policy reports
Research on discrimination and women in S&E
Statistics on diversity in S&E
Title IX and S&E education

For girls and boys:

Games and online activities for children

There is much more out there, of course. Hope you find these helpful!
Dr. Ruta Sevo is a consultant on work related to women in science and engineering and her interests include social justice issues, art, and writing.

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