Underlying Principle: Make It Matter

All students are more motivated, perform better, and more likely to persist when they can see how a lesson connects to their experiences, interests, goals, and values. And students who don’t fit the stereotype of someone pursuing computing may need even more explicit connections for them to envision themselves in the field. Help all students connect to computing by connecting computing to their lives!


Engagement Practices

Use Meaningful and Relevant Content

“Make it matter” by experimenting with new and interesting topics for assignments and projects, and by using varied examples in your lectures and other materials.

Make Interdisciplinary Connections to CS

“Make it matter” by connecting computer science to other fields, such as medicine, the humanities, and media.

Address Misconceptions About the Field of CS

“Make it matter” by addressing misconceptions students have about the field that may prevent them from taking computing courses or pursuing a career in computer science.

Incorporate Student Choice

Learning is enhanced when course materials are relevant to students’ interests and goals, and nothing works better than letting students choose what they want to pursue.
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