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NCWIT Resource Month

“I believe that we, as change leaders, need to get in the middle of the tech culture and interrupt it just a bit.”

~ NCWIT CEO and Co-founder Lucy Sanders

Change leaders are people who inspire action. They see how things can be better, and they bring others along with them to make their vision a reality. Change leaders inform, encourage, influence, and activate the people around them. NCWIT supports change leaders by offering an ever-expanding catalog of free, research-based resources to further efforts in making the world of computing more inclusive.

Did You Know July is NCWIT Resource Month?

Whether your focus is on K-12 or postsecondary education, the tech workplace, or connecting with allies and advocates, NCWIT resources can help you assess the need, develop a plan, communicate with stakeholders, implement your ideas, and much more. This Resource Month, take some time to explore NCWIT resources for change leaders across the tech ecosystem.

Below is a sampling of the hundreds of resources available at

  • Know where to direct your efforts for maximum impact. Collecting data is an important step in understanding what’s working and what needs to change. This collection of evaluation resources contains customizable tools for many different audiences and contexts. //
  • Encouragement ThumbBuild inclusion into your company from the ground up. The Entrepreneurial Startup Toolkit is a collection of resources and recommendations designed to help small and growing companies develop inclusive cultures, recruit and retain diverse employees, and ensure that all employees are supported and are recognized for their technical contributions. //
  • Share experiences, ideas, and opportunities. NCWIT hosts a moderated group email list, NCWIT-HigherEd, to support a year round “community of practice” for NCWIT Alliance member representatives who are interested in issues of diversity in postsecondary education. Representatives from any NCWIT Alliance are welcome to join. //
  • Encouragement ThumbCreate welcoming learning environments for all students. Extracurricular activities are an important component of accessible computing education. This webinar explores some potential barriers to girls’ participation in these programs, as well as ways that educators can reduce those barriers. //
  • Work together to expand computing education for all. Educators and employers alike have an interest in advancing inclusive, equitable K-16 computing education. This toolkit will help you bring together diverse stakeholders across your region to collaborate on strategic plans for broadening participation in computing (BPC). //

All this month on Twitter, NCWIT is highlighting new and classic resources from our online library. Be sure to follow @NCWIT so you won’t miss a thing.

Tell Us About It

Do you have a story to share about using NCWIT resources or about rallying hearts and minds to create change for girls and women in tech? Email us at, and give us your preferred phone number, so that we can chat about your experiences.

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