Tell Us What Was Most Memorable About “Hidden Figures” (Part 2)

All of us at NCWIT have been inspired by “Hidden Figures,” and we are still reeling from our celebration of the book and film at the 2017 NCWIT Summit earlier this week! Author Margot Lee Shetterly joined us as a keynote speaker, and we also honored Screenwriter Allison Schroeder with the Reel WiT Award, which recognizes the best portrayal of leading women in tech (e.g., documentary, tv show, film, YouTube, etc.) who serve as role models for girls and women with computing aspirations while disrupting the stereotypes of female ingenuity in technology fields.
As we near the end of our six-month celebration of “Hidden Figures,” we are sharing your thoughts on this inspiring film.
This is the second post in a three-part blog. Be sure to catch up with the first post in the series here and the last post here.
If you could say one thing to a past or present Hidden Figure, what would it be?
“Thank you for standing up for yourself and showing the world that women can do the same things as men and work together.” – Tonia
“Thank you for persevering and leaving a legacy to encourage other female scientists and engineers. Dorothy’s example of leadership (detailed in the book) has inspired me. Female engineers are still lacking in leadership roles, but I’m proud to be an engineer.” – Laurinda
“Fight the right fight. Know that you need to prove yourself, but that every such success helps the women coming after you. It’s not easy being first, but someone has to be.” – Hagit
“Thank you for your courage and brilliance in the face of constant discrimination and barriers. You have taught the women who continue to fight for equality how to persist, regardless of what happens.” -Stacy
“I knew the odds would be great for these women, but I underestimated how great. It’s shown me that even when the odds are against me, I can find a way.” – Emily
“Thank you for persisting.” – Sue
“Thank you for your courage, your professionalism, your perseverance, and your inspiration!” – Sharon
“I applaud you for sticking with your gift/craft in the midst of all the opposition.” – Jill
“Hidden Figures inspires me to be a strong, powerful woman every day, no matter what road I walk. No one can stop me from doing anything, especially with regard to pursuing mathematics and computer science.” – Catherine

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