NCWIT Members Can Share Opportunities with the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Community

Did you know that NCWIT member organizations can submit* opportunities to the NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AIC) website for Award recipients, educators, parents, and other AIC participants to view? Technology-related opportunities at the local, regional, or national level are applicable submissions. View a list of current opportunities in the form of scholarships, internships, summer camps, undergraduate research opportunities, awards, jobs, and more at
If you are interested in submitting an opportunity, please do so at Be sure to include any information regarding dates, times, or an intended audience within the descriptive fields available.
“Without my NCWIT credentials and the relationships I’ve built there I would have never found this great internship opportunity, much less had the confidence to go for it.” ~ Kitt Vanderwater about Google Internship
“Because of this Award and the scholarship opportunities tied to it, I can afford to go to the college I want to. This Award is really a springboard; it empowers you to apply yourself and try for bigger and better things.” ~ Aspirations Award Recipient
“Now that I know how to make apps, websites, animations, and robots, I can make them in the future by myself. There’s so much I can do… I’m bubbling with ideas… I don’t think I’ll be bored again this summer.” ~ Participant, IT for Girls Camp!
Become a Member of NCWIT
NCWIT welcomes new member institutions and organizations committed to reform. Each member organization identifies at least one representative who will act as a conduit for information and resources: sharing them with colleagues, implementing the practices that are suitable for their environment, and reporting results back to their Alliance’s members. In return, members get all the community, resource, dissemination, and networking benefits NCWIT has to offer. See the other pages of this program for more information about the projects and campaigns in which NCWIT Alliance members participate. To learn more about NCWIT membership, visit
*Please note that while NCWIT member organizations are more than welcome to submit an opportunity, all opportunities must be approved by AIC Staff before they are publicly listed at the website. Email any questions or concerns about submissions to [email protected].

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