NCWIT Has Developed a New Messaging Platform

NCWIT has developed a new messaging platform that emphasizes the creative potential for organizations that invest in fostering a culture where girls, women, and underrepresented groups participate with strong voices.
The headline, “The idea you don’t have is the voice you haven’t heard,” and the tagline, “Inclusion changes what’s possible,” are confident expressions of what we know is true: Diversity and inclusion enhance outcomes in technological innovation for educational institutions and businesses of all sizes. 

As an NCWIT member representative, this message is yours to use in your own outreach and networking (at events and presentations, in your everyday communications, or even in your own campaigns). Find the guidance and assets you need to share your message widely in the online toolkit (

Virtual Badge
Email Signature
Awareness Posters (made available in both PDF and PPT)
Social Tiles (made available for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter dimensions)

Let’s share how we work together from the classroom to the boardroom to create technology cultures in which every voice is heard.

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