Internships Promote Interest

As one of two girls that were offered an engineering internship at an engineering company in Mooresville, North Carolina, I spent the summer stretching my knowledge and broadening my horizons to real-world problems, work hours, nuclear power plant testing, vendor communication and more.
My internship was with NuVision Engineering Inc., working full work days and learning more about mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. My experience with this company was fantastic! I went around to vendor locations to conduct fabrication surveillance and to communicate product purchasing with senior engineers. I also helped with mathematical calculations in Excel and by hand.
Engineers throughout the whole company guided and assisted me without hesistation. I believe that this experience has given me an oppurtunity to learn more about what I like and don’t like, and will guide me on my journey to pursue a career as an engineer.
Kimberly is a winner of the NCWIT North Carolina Affiliate Award for Aspirations in Computing.

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