Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) 2010

Hello, and welcome to CSEdWeek 2010! Computer Science Education Week  is a “call to action” to make computer science education a priority for students in the 21st century. Congress designated the week of December 5-11 a national week of awareness, events, activities, information-sharing, and community  that will elevate the importance of computer science education for everyone in the United States. Everyone can participate!
Start at the CSEdWeek website for more information.  Sign the pledge, and tell us how you’re getting involved.
At the CSEdWeek website you’ll also find customized materials for students, teachers, parents and community members, administrators and counselors, colleges, universities, and corporations.
Want to follow along with your favorite social media outlet?  CSEdWeek is on Twitter (@CSEdWeek), Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.  Connect!
Check out the events page to see what’s happening for CSEdWeek around North America, and peruse the resources page for helpful tools to teach yourself and your community about the importance of computer science education.
Say hi to @NCWIT on Twitter, and let us know how you’re participating!

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