Task Assignment Toolkit

Published on 04/08/2019

Task assignment is a key area where bias emerges, exacerbating workplace inequity. Research shows that women and members of other underrepresented groups are more often channeled into “execution” or project management roles and are less likely to receive high-value, high-visibility, or stretch assignments (Hewlett et al., 2008; 2014).

As a result, underrepresented employees can have fewer opportunities to creatively contribute, learn, innovate, and shine. These patterns can also lead to low job satisfaction and higher turnover rates for these employees. The following tips will help supervisors root out bias and reduce this key barrier to fostering diverse, inclusive, and thriving teams.


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Learn how to implement the “The Action to Catalyze Tech (ACT) Report” recommendations: https://ncwit.org/CatalyzeTech.

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