Roadshow-in-a-Box: Capitalizing on Models for Outreach

Published on 04/26/2010

Roadshow-in-a-Box is a complete set of resources developed for colleges and universities wanting to establish or enhance their roadshow outreach programs. It draws on the wisdom and practices of a variety of successful roadshow programs that focus on recruiting for diversity and put trained student presenters in a leading role. The Box includes program advice, templates, and sample materials to aid your efforts in every aspect of a sustainable roadshow program. Components include: Controlled Message, Support, Ongoing School Partnerships, Trained Student Presenters, Program Activities, and Evaluation and Tracking.

A roadshow outreach program is an inclusive, activity-based classroom experience that gives K-12 students an exciting introduction to computing. Many college and university computer science departments are “taking the show on the road” to inform and recruit youth with roadshows. Undergraduate students, “near peers” to their intended audience, train to present lively, personalized, hands-on – and most importantly – memorable learning experiences that students remember as they start imagining their future.

Getting Started

You will find three folders in the .zip file, which correspond to the three parts of Roadshow-in-a-Box:

1. Roadshow Program

Here you will find the primary document (PDF) for learning about the six components of Roadshow-in-a-Box. It guides you through the processes of developing a roadshow program. You will also find a document (MS Word) of all customizable templates (letters, surveys, etc.) that are within the PDF.

2. Training

  • Training Guide (PDF)
  • CMU Introduction to Roadshows (PPT)
  • CCGIT Sample Roadshow Presentation for Grades K-6 (PPT)
  • CCGIT Sample Roadshow Presentation for Grades 7-12 (PPT)

3. Program Activities

  • Program Activities Guide (PDF)
  • Roadshow Activity Slides (PPT)
  • Roadshow Activity 1 Supplemental Slides (PPT)
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