REU-In-A-Box: Expanding the Pool of Computing Researchers

Published on 07/01/2011

REU-in-A-Box: Expanding the Pool of Computing Researchers explains the benefits of undergraduate research in computing with content developed by experienced computing faculty mentors and undergraduate researchers. This resource focuses on the interactions of a faculty mentor with one or a few students and the processes by which they conduct and share the outcomes of their research.

REU-in-a-Box guides faculty mentors through the three stages of an REU: Before the REU (Deciding to Get Involved and Getting Started), During the REU (Faculty Mentor Activities and Student Activities), and After the REU (Post-REU Assessment and Next Steps for Student Researchers). Modifiable templates and handouts are included.

Visit CRA-W’s Resources for Mentors of Undergraduate Research, assembled by members of the NCWIT Academic Alliance and CRA-W.

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