Pipeline-in-a-Box: Promoting Advancement of CS/IT Students from Two-Year to Four-Year Institutions

Published on 01/14/2009

Are you ready to transform the lives of community college students and diversify the computer science (CS) and information technology (IT) student body at four-year institutions? Let Pipeline-in-a-Box: Promoting Advancement of CS/IT Students From Two-Year to Four-Year Institutions ease the way.

Pipeline-in-a-Box is a win-win for both community colleges and four-year institutions. By strengthening the relationships between them, community colleges can earn prestige from increasing the number of students who transfer into and complete baccalaureate programs, while four-year institutions can increase enrollment and diversify their CS programs by recruiting women and underrepresented groups.

In the five simple steps outlined here, Pipeline-in-a-Box describes anticipated obstacles, maps a strategy for building a strong transfer relationship, and provides strategies, data, templates, posters, presentations, and additional resources. Use Pipeline-in-a-Box to support plans for recruiting, transferring, and graduating students obtaining degrees in computer science and IT.

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